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First of all, thank you for this wonderfull free tool, and the continuous developpement :D

As the new 1.3 is under developpement, I'd like to submit a little request ... !

It would be a Shortcut for a new function : Temporary disable the mute with a button (continuous press to disable mute, not a switch), OR an option to override mute mode with the press to talk button.

It could be usefull with noisy environements (switch to mute, and speak with the new fonction. When noise disapear, disable mute, and speak with vocal activity)

Exemple : Vocal activity during a game,

=> Environnement become noisy => Button to switch to mute

=> During noisy, the new button can be used to "temporary press to talk", OR the press to talk can be used to speak

=> Return to normal environnement, => unmute button.

Thank you.

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At least in 1.3.0, the following are bindable:

"push-to-mute", which as long as you press it makes it not activate by voice

"Cycle Transmit Mode", which cycles continuous transmission, voice activation and PTT.

I guess that is sufficient for your use case?

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Sorry for my late answer...

Cycle Transmit Mode is a great new function :)

Is it possible to choose what type of transmission is affected by the button ? (ex : only cycling throw PTT & Voice activation); It would do exactly the job for the case I described !

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