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Mumble push-to-talk doesn't work with Steam Controller


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I know the Steam Controller doesn't technically launch until the 10th of November, but I thought I'd let it be known that Mumble currently does not work with it. I have no idea whether this is something that needs to be implemented by Steam or by the developers of Mumble but I thought it'd be good for people to be aware so it can be hopefully fixed in future updates.

For those that don't know, the Steam controller can control the desktop mouse. The right trackpad works just as a laptop's would.

I've had different experiences between my desktop and laptop so I'll state both. Not sure why they're different but maybe someone else does.

On the desktop, I was initially unable to map anything to the controller. Not sure what changed but now I'm able to map P2T to either of the triggers as well as the rear bumpers. It's worth noting that on the desktop, Right Trigger is left mouse button, Left Trigger is right click, and the Left Rear Bumper is middle mouse button.

I successfully mapped it to the Left Rear bumper (middle mouse). But it only works on the desktop and not in game, whether it's in Steam Big Picture mode or not. If I alt-tab out of the game, the P2T function resumes working just fine but ceases when I go back in game. If I hold down P2T on the desktop while going back into the game, P2T will stay on and cannot shut it off unless I again alt-tab.

On my laptop, things are a little worse. When I'm in the instance of Mumble, the Steam controller ceases all functionality. When I try to map a button in P2T, nothing registers and the trackpad does nothing either. It resumes working if I minimize mumble, or switch to a different window.

Again, these are pretty specific issues and I know the controller just came out. But I'm hoping someone will see this and a fix can be implemented in the near future! Thanks for reading

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Thanks for reporting this.

I have a couple of Steam Controllers in my possession as well.

I believe we'll have to integrate with Steamworks to get it to work well, even if it's in a game. But I am unsure if we can get input from it when it when Big Picture Mode is running -- perhaps it's exclusive?

Ideally, our integration would use the raw buttons events, and let you bind a Mumble shortcut to a button on the controller, and that's it. No matter if that button is bound to a keyboard key, mouse click, or something else...

Better integration with Big Picture Mode would also be fun. :-)

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I agree, there's actually a lot Steam needs to work on in terms of Big Picture integration. I was able to get it to work when I assigned the push to talk to F12 rather than middle mouse, then assigning the button on the controller to it as well but it seem Big Picture wants to do everything it can to not let things work. When Mumble is active, almost all (if not all) other functions aside from in game controls cease to work but I'm sure there are multiple updates coming our way as the launch date approaches.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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