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Server disconnect if open in multiple users Win 10


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I encountered an issue today with mumble in regards to the way Windows 10 operates. With windows 10 I am allowed to keep two seperate users active at the same time in between sessions. I have a work profile and play profile, I use mumble on both to communicate with my friend/partner. Which means that I am on the same server no matter what account I am on. Some files I have locked to certain accounts which means I switch back and forth frequently. If I have an instance of mumble open in one profile and then switch and connect to the same server with my usual name the server has an issue with connectivity. It allows me to join but then goes through a continuous loop of disconnecting me then reconnecting.

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It sounds like one client is "ghosting" the other - the process where the server doesn't know you're disconnected but the client does... the client reconnects and the server says "oh, the other user must be a ghost". I was under the impression we sent a message so that the other client doesn't try to reconnect, but maybe I'm remembering that wrong.

What's your expected behaviour here, by the way?

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