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Creating a Framework for MumbleKit on iOS


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I inserted Mumble in my project successfully by inserting the MumbleKit project into my own projects. Yet this force a recompilation of everything including the lengthy openSSL each time I rebuild from scratch or archive. Is there a way to create a FrameWork for MumbleKit once for all and insert it in the project without the need of recompiling it each time? And how to do it? I am weary of experimenting with MumbleKit as I passed through several problems in its installation.

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It should be possible to:

1. Clone the git repo of MumbleKit

2. Open the MumbleKit.xcodeproj project

3. Change the schemes to build it in Release mode.

4. Build it.

5. Look in your build log for a the final, universal libMumbleKit.a and copy it to a folder of your choosing.

6. Copy the src/MumbleKit directory (which contains the headers) to the same directory that you copied libMmubleKit.a to, such that the directory includes libMumbleKit.a and the MumbleKit directory with headers in it.

Now you have a standalone MumbleKit.

a) Add the libMumbleKit.a to your project.

b) Add the directory that contains libMumbleKit.a to your header search path, such that includes such as #import work.

That should be it.

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When I execute your suggested operations I get an error on:

#import "Mumble.pb.h"

where it cannot find the file. When directly compiling the framework the file is apparently automatically created as in the other project with the old configuration it exists but has header:

// Generated by the protocol buffer compiler. DO NOT EDIT!

whatever that might mean. In the project where I just inserted the library and sources the file does not exist, nor is dynamically created.

How do I make up for it?

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I have a residual problem at linking: when I do it I get:

ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/fbartolom/Documents/cocoa applications/inArrivoHD/MumbleKit/libMumbleKit.a, missing required architecture x86_64 in file /Users/fbartolom/Documents/cocoa applications/inArrivoHD/MumbleKit/libMumbleKit.a (3 slices)

notwithstanding the supported versions of the MumbleKit library generation seem to include it:

arm64 armv7 armv7s armv7k arm7s x86_64 i386

Moreover I am not that clear about why that architecture is needed, as it does not take part to any configuration.

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