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Windows 7 64 Bit, Client loads, but crashes on server connec


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I'm not a tech guru by any means but I am fairly resourceful however I have been unable to troubleshoot this issue that I am having while attempting to use mumble for the first time.

When opening the client I am unable to connect to any server, I simply get theres been a problem and the program must close error.

I'm not really sure where to start to resolve the issue. I will say however in my many attempts to resolve it I was able to log into the server, I disconnected, and tried again and was able to do it. Left my computer for about 10 minutes and came back and could no longer access any server again.

I have removed all other programs that may share plugins causing it to crash such as skype, ventrilo, team speak. I dont have any excessive certificates that I can see, and I've tried various versions and other compatability settings and still am unsuccessful.

A point in the right direction on what to provide you with so that I can get connected would be great.

Windows 7 64 bit


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Did you submit crash reports?

Those should give us some useful information.

As it is on server connection, I am wondering if it is a faulty/broken network driver.

You could try removing/reinstalling/updating any network or audio driver.

The audio wizard works fine? (hearing yourself)

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