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Virtual Servers


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So I haven't been able to find much documentation about the Virtual servers model. (Assuming everything below here is for Linux).

I did however notice that there is a murmur-user-wrapper script that creates a new configuration instance of Murmur, but that requires dbus to function.

Is that the best approach? Run one "instance" with that wrapper script on a user account for each server?

If I wanted to run 10 instances (virtual servers) on the same user account, what's the best way to do that? Just create a sub-folder for each, and re-run the wrapper script?

Is there another way to run multiple instances of murmurd without requiring dbus?

Is there any real documentation about what gets stored in the sqlite database? Assume for a moment I was going to host a handful of virtual servers, and wanted to know the ins/outs of how the sqlite database is populated, and how configuration files are manipulated, where could I find that information? (I suppose I could read the source code).

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to understand the layout of what murmur requires to function in a multiple-server environment.

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You run one process (murmur.x86) and can start, stop and configure the virtual servers it embeds via Ice / Ice Interfaces.

DBus is deprecated, Ice is the newer middleware for mumble.

For 3rd party administration SW see the wiki at

For Ice setup info see

You won't need any further Ice installs on the murmur-hosting machine; murmur can ice-listen just like that.

You'll need some kind of on the client side though.

If you want to use a web-interface for example you'll need some Ice-files for your scripting language.

Well, there's no real doc about what's stored and where in the sqlite.

Ice can be used to change all that though. The generated Ice doc (slice api doc) can be explored though:

So, for example you could run one murmur instance and use a web-interface to start several virtual servers and further configure them.

The virtual servers will be embedded in your process then.

Ofc. you can also run seperate instances of murmur (as you noticed sth about multible users).

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