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Completly random disconnects Mumble server on RPi


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I am placing a posts here because i have exhausted all my knowledge about VOI-programs and just can't seem to solve the problem. I hope you guys can help me.

So recently i made a mumble server following a youtube guide on a raspberry pi model B. Everything went perfect and soon the server was online and my friends could join without much problems.

Though strangely now and then a person gets disconnected every ... i dunno, even that seems completly random, he immediatly reconnects after.

The person that keeps on disconnecting is also completly random, but once you disconnect once, you will be facing random disconnects the whole day.

(It even disconnected me as server host at a certain time)

Since there are days that nobody has a problem, i doubt the problem lies with portforwarding or with the clients.

The person(s) that disconnect just keep getting "the remote host closed the connection".

Not everyone disconnects though.

So my question is, how do i solve this?

Its becoming rather annoying, and i would like it to be solved

Kind regards

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As the RPi is a rather limited system, even though the mumble server is pretty small, I am wondering if this could be any resource limitation?

When the issue occurs, is it that a lot of people are connected or talking?

Did you try correlating the issue with hardware statistics (e.g. running munin alongside)?

Although I heard/read about some setting the Mumble server up on the Raspberry PI, I have not heard of such an issue yet.

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