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[Request] TCP Mode via Server


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This is a bit of a continuation of my prior post in the technical forum, but this is more of a request to update the official code base to allow Murmur to negotiate an automatic TCP mode handoff.

Clients can and will automatically switch to TCP mode when needed, but there are some situations where it is the only preferred protocol.

This would require an additional setting via the server configuration files and would allow Murmur to send a code to inform clients to automatically use TCP only during initial authorization.

Older clients likely would not recognize this code, but newer ones paired with the updated server would.


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I don’t think this would be a good idea.

This would add more confusion / possibility for misconfiguration that actual valid uses.

What is the problem with the automatic fallback?

Why would you want to prevent UDP to be tried?

For a realtime communication transmission like Mumble, where low latency is one of its important features, using TCP stands in immediate contrast to that (using TCP rather than UDP).

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