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ACL's not working!


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Hi all!

Yesterday I installed a murmur server on a Raspberry Pi 2, and it was working as it should, until I started inputting the ACL's to only allow registered users to join channels (other than lobby channel). Now when I make a test user with a new certificate and register it, I can't enter ANY channel with this new user. I tried removing ACL's from one channel and still can't connect to it. Even tried creating a new channel with no ACL's on it, can't connect to it eather... :evil:

I'm really loving Mumble but this is getting really frustrating. I just wan't to get on using my new server with my friends :) Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I have my ACL's on every channel setup as follows:

@all deny all

@auth allow enter, traverse, speak, text, whisper, deny everything else

But it does not seem to matter, if I remove the ACL's new registered users still can't connect. Server says: "You were denied enter privileges in XXX"

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