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Cannot get into server


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I was using mumble yesterday and it was working just fine. Laptop died, and i called it a night. Went to get on today and It wont let me in. I can see the server and how many are currently connected after i put the server IP and port in, however when i try to connect all i get is - [1:18 PM] SSL Verification failed: The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate.

I have tried un-installing and re-installed several times, I've tried a new name and i have tried a new certificate with no luck at all. I'm at a complete loss here. Any help would be welcome, preferably a solution ;p

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Revo un-installed 2 things, There was a list of things, i was unable to remove. I could not find the main mumble file with revo, so i did a normal un-installed then searched with revo and it removed the 2 things as previously stated. This -http://imgur.com/qazUh2a - is what i was un-able to touch. With low hopes, i tried doing a re-install following and still had the same issue.

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From your screenshot it seems the removal is stuck in your package managers "postrm" post removal step.

Are you sure the removal worked fine? Did it not exit with an error?

Did you `apt-get purge` (backup your configuration beforehand)?

From the message you quoted as "The host name did not match any of the valid hosts for this certificate."

I am wondering if you have a strong certificate / host name specific certificate?

If so, are you connecting through that address?

Because I would expect this error to indicate you are connecting with a mismatching hostname.

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