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Updating Mumble server on debian


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I see alot of people on the public server list running server version 1.3.0, but mine is only 1.2.8.

- Would I benefit anything from upgrading to 1.3.0?

- How would you go about doing the upgrade on a server running on a Raspberry Pi (debian)?

- And lastly, would upgrading compromise my server settings (channels, ACL's, registered users, etc.)?

Thanks in advance if anyone could have the time to answer these questions :oops:

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Upgrading to 1.3.0 will of course preserve your settings.

Note that while 1.3.0 has been "here" for a long time, and is rather stable, we still consider it not "stable" but a development snapshot/version.

This is mostly important for the client, but also in part for the server (where a lot less actually changed).

When I was still on Debian I used the static server binaries, as that’s easy to extract and run.

I am not sure about the packages on debian repositories, as the packager is not of our central team.

For Ubuntu we provide a PPA - also for the development snapshots.

So I suggest you either check for packages in the unstable / backport debian package repositories,

or simply use the static server binaries if you still want to upgrade.

(I’ve been using the 1.3.0 line for a long time without problems.)

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