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"A Refferal Was Returned By the Server"


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So I tried launching mumble a bit ago, and received the error "A Refferal Was Returned By the Server"

I've attached a picture of the dialog box that appears. I did a bit of a hunt to see what the issue was, and it might have been an issue with an outdated certificate. So I uninstalled, reinstalled the most recent version, and installed the new certificates. (Also attached)

I had no dice with that, so I uninstalled, deleted everything related to mumble, (including registry files) and tried again, still no luck. Is there an issue currently with the mumble certificate, or are there any suggestions for how to fix this? It could very well be an issue with my own system, any ideas?

If we need any more documentation, I can supply. :)

Thanks a ton for any help



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Is your computer's clock set up correctly?


I believe it is, yes, I went and did a sync to double check.

Also, I was able to run mumble a few days ago; the application runs if I set it to always run with admin privileges. Earlier, I was only testing by telling it to run as admin on each individual run. Sorry for the trouble. I'm still working to find out what went wrong in the first place that made it start having these issues.


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