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Mac OS X Push-to-Talk grave` keybind


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I am using Mac OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5 and Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac on late 2010 Mac Pro:

Recently I installed Mumble version 1.2.10 and find I am unable to bind the grave` key for Push-To-Talk.

I am able to bind the grave` key for push-to-talk in other audio server clients.

A friend with a PC keyboard does not have this issue.

Is this a bug or known issue? Is there a fix or work-around?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Have you allowed Mumble to access your keyboard at all? Do other keys work?

If not, then read along. :-)

The 1.2.10 client is not very friendly at describing how/why, because the 1.2 series was released long before modern versions of OS X.

You have to into Privacy settings in System Preferences, and grant Mumble access to accessibility features.

...If other keys work, then we will have to dig deeper.

If you look in your Mumble log (you should be able to find in Console.app, as Mumble.log or something similar), does it list something along the lines of:

"GlobalShortcutMac: Unknown translation for keycode [...]"?

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I have set up Mumble in the Accessibility Pane.

I can set the Control key as a Push-to-Talk keybind. I have not extensively tested other keys as most are in use already in various game clients.

I recall seeing a GlobalShortcut error message when attempting to bind the grave` key, but cannot find it in the Mumble.log.

The difficulty is that I use the Control Key for raid healing in game. If I rebind CNTRL to Mumble, I lose approximately half my raid healing keybinds :(

Das Keyboard helpdesk responded to my query with a useless generic answer assuming I was using a PC something-or-other that wasn't a Mac client. I have repeated my query asking if their Mac keyboard layout matrix differs from the normal Apple keyboard. Das Keyboard does not use software drivers.

I will keep researching and post any additional findings.

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