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MSI Afterburner + Steam + Mumble overlays


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I'm trying to get a definitive answer/solution to an issue I saw here and there but never fully answered. The thing is, plainly, when I enable the mumble overlay and with MSI Afterburner/RivaTunerSS, the Steam overlay doesn't work. It works in games like Duke Nukem 3d Megaton Edition but not in CSGO (and all other source games) for example. Is there any way to make all three overlays work?

Thanks in advance.

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Not really.

Overlays hack into the game application, so they each depend on the other to do so in a compatible way.

If one does not do so, the order in which they each inject into the game can influence what will work and what will not.

Mumble + Steam works.

Does Afterburner + Steam work?

Does Afterburner + Mumble work?

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