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Serial Port COM on mumble Clients


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I haven't seen anything about this topic, i'm trying to use Mumble for HAM/CB radio but the only thing that stops me is that we need any kind of external control for our radios to do the switch between transmision and reception.

for Ham radio apps is common to use the serial COM port to do this job.

I read about this and mumble is not going add this feature soon, so my question is how i can add or patch the mumble client to do this?

modifying the source code or building a plugin?

if is on the source code, where is the best place to start playing with it?


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This has been discussed before, but my Google-Fu is failing me and I can't seem to find it. IIRC the advised method for activating the transmitter when Mumble is receiving was using the same stuff the G15 keyboard module does.

We don't really have a general purpose plugin module for the client, plugins are almost exclusively for positional audio in games and applications.

If you're familiar with C++, Mumble's source code isn't that terrible and there are Wiki pages with instructions for building on various architectures.

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