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Hi. I've been using mumble for quite some time now. 4-5 years. And there are 3 things that i would comment about.

1. Being a setting in configure/settings. The advanced option down in the buttom left corner. http://i66.tinypic.com/xpqwz.jpg

Should be on by default in my opinion, because its small and its in the corner were people usually dont look, basicly hard to find in my experience with users.

2. Then you have the setting in Audio Output under Audio Output which mutes everything by 50% default except mumble while other people are talking. Me beeing a gamer were sound is key, don't like that this setting is on by default. New users that haven't used mumble before doesn't know this setting is on by default and thinks that mumble is shit because their sound dissapears ingame while other's talk. And they think they can't do anything about it, and usually i dont get the time to explain before they have left and uninstalled.


3.Then you have the feature overlay, in lot of situations people dont like that this is enabled by default. This isn't only my experience, but every new guy/girl to mumble always complain about it after they have installed it and think they can't remove it. So because of the complaints that i've had during these years i've been using mumble, i would like it if overlay was off by default since it's a feature.

Sincerly Scrubsphobia - loving mumble server owner

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Hi, and thank you for your feedback!

If we would enable advanced configuration by default we would not need it at all.

The use of it is to hide the advanced stuff in order to simplify all the configuration options for new or novice users.

Maybe it could be in a better position, or some more specific options should be in the non-advanced mode? I don’t know.

If that is the case, that really seems like a bad idea / default value - especially since we label Mumble "VoIP intended for gamers".

I do not think I have heard of people hating and disabling the overlay.

But I guess the first startup wizard should give the option of en- or disabling the overlay (and explaining what it is).

There has also been talk about interactive yes/no selection on game launch whether to enable or disable it for a specific game, as our current blacklist system is a hassle / manual work to maintain (and also only an initial default). But that is not a priority right now, implementation wise (would be a bit of work).

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Well you could make the counter argument that if you're using a game and a voice program, you want to be able to hear the voices that you're listening to. Games are loud and most users don't adjust in game volume, but rather they adjust the master volume of their system.

I think the attenuation is appropriate. If people have a problem with it, its not too hard to figure out how to disable. The concerns you've brought up are indeed valid in some contexts, but throwing too many options at the user early on is definitely going to scare people away. I think a comfortable medium is welcome.

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