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Anyone developers here to create a custom web GUI?


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Hi all

Not sure if this is the place to ask, but I'm looking to hire a developer to create a custom web GUI to configure a mumble/murmur server. If this is not the right forum please forgive me and if possible let me know where would be good to look.

What we are looking for is a web based login which has the following features:

Admin access which can create a new murmur server instance. It can then create users and channels (plus any other configuration if needed) and assign users to the channel on the selected murmur server.

User access (via login/password) which can assign a user to a channel. They only have access to the particular server assigned to them by the admin.

As an example, the admin can create a server for particular hotel, and then create channels such as "front desk, cleaning, maintenance, security, car park etc". They can then create maybe 30 users and assign them initial channels. But later on the hotel manager can log in to the web portal and change a user from cleaning to car park if needed. If needed the admin can then log in and add / remove users as required.

Is this something which is possible? And if so anyone here who'd be keen to discuss this further. It would obviously be a paid job for the right candidate.

Cheers - Matt

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