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[Request] Soundfile option for "You joined channel"


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Recently I started using Mumble 1.3 and am currently using the "1.3.0~867~g197f13e~snapshot" on Win7 Pro x64.

I like getting some form of audible feedback when working with audio-related tools like Mumble is.

That is the reason why I am missing some sound when I switch the channel. Something similar to the "Server Connected" message.

Request: Add an easy to configure sound option to the Settings -> Messages dialog for a "You joined channel" event.

I am quite new to mumble so please enlighten me if I understood smth wrongly or am missing some simple way of implementing this idea.

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There are actually quite a number of options already available to customize server event messages.

If you go into the messages settings menu, you can customize the type of notifications the software will activate upon an event.

You can add specific sound files per event. So you could find recorded noises or messages and use those, or heck, even have your favorite girlfriend record some in a nice sexy voice for you. ;)

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