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Voice Activity setting will not save.


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I've been using mumble for my MMO days via push-to-talk, but now that I am playing CS:GO I've been trying to get the voice activity setting to work but Mumble just won't cooperate with me.

I've manually set it so that push-to-talk is disabled and selected voice activity in the dropdown menu, clicked apply and OK. I've also tried doing the audio wizard to set it up and nothing makes it stay. The settings will still have it saved as voice activity but when I'm in a server my voice will not go through unless I press my push-to-talk button.

Normal troubleshooting methods like restarting PC and reinstalling Mumble did not fix the problem.

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It is worth noting that your Push-to-Talk key will STILL work in voice activated mode.

So, that is not abnormal.

Instead, it sounds like Mumble does not recognize your voice when in voice activated mode. Did it work in the audio wizard?

Please open Mumble and go into the Self menu. Then choose Audio Statistics.

You should be able to see Mumble's speech detection meter in there -- as well as some other signal information (such as the speech probability).

Does that stuff look correct? Is the speech detection bar in the green area when you speak?

Is speech probability near 100% when you speak?


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