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Mumble mute/deafens randomly


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I've had this issue for a while now and it's getting pretty annoying. My mumble randomly stops working when I play World of Warcraft, the audio output / input just completly stops. It will sometimes comeback for a few seconds randomly, relogging doesn't really help either.

I use mouse button 4 for PTT ( only thing in my shortcuts )

Positional audio doesn't change anything.

Idle action is on "Nothing".

In hopes someone can help me.... D:

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It does not actually mute or deafen itself, does it? Your user isn't muted/deafened on the server, right?

It's really just that input/output stops working? Correct?

When it happens, you cannot hear anyone else, nor speak to anyone else -- correct?

Or can you only not speak to anyone -- but still listen?

That's not clear to me, sorry.

Until we get to the bottom of this, one thing you could try is:

- Open Mumble's settings. Ensure you are in advanced mode (check box at the bottom left of the settings dialog, if you're on Windows or a Unix-like system. OS X has it in the top right corner).

- Go to the Network settings.

- Ensure Quality of Service is OFF.

- As an experiment, try to enable TCP mode. This will send all your voice packets over the Mumble command channel. This might fix the issue, if the issue is networking related.

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