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High-pitched building feedback


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I'm running through the audio wizard but I can't even get past the first part because it seems to make my microphone hypersensitive. Every time I click the mouse it makes a high-pitched loud noise that echoes and builds on itself as it gets louder. The microphone is away from the speakers in the headset and it's directional so there should be very little crossover there. I'm not sure what could be causing it. I went into my mic settings in the Windows control panel and put the volume down from 100 to just 1, the lowest setting, but it still does it.

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The audio assistant should guide you through that.

Increase the “speech above level” so the mouse will no longer trigger the input and if you’re using speakers consider using echo-cancellation.

Also make sure you don't have a windows sound for click-events and using your sound out as input. (can you hear yourself speaking? Does it also activate/echo music if you're playing it, or other sounds?)

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