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Startup error


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Hi there :)

I get this error when i start Mumble:

Globalshortcutwin: Setcooperativelevel: 80004001

Mumble doesnt crash until i click "ok" under the error, so i can use my mouse in the program but not my keyboard.

Ive tried reinstalling and attentuating other applications by 100% (a "solution" i found).

Please help, it worked before and its really good. Absolutely zero delay. Im trying to buy a server and i want mumble but i cant get it to work :(


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So it’s a windows error window?

Did you check what that error means?

Probably that it can’t bind (the) global shortcuts.

So you may wanna check the global shortcuts and disable them in mumble, if you can. (Maybe you’ll have to hack your registry (or ini if you're using portable mode).) Or reset all your settings, but beware… backup, your user cert etc

Do you have some special keyboard driver installed, or did you recently update your system? (maybe the win-update yesterday?)

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