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Xbox 360 wireless headset/bluetooth has no sound


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Thank you for reading this.

I'm on a Dell XPS 8700, Windows 10 home system, using an Xbox 360 wireless headset with Bluetooth, on Mumble 1.2.10 (the same version as my team).

I've tried Mumble 1.2.4 and 1.2.11 and have had the same results.

Everyone in any Mumble channel can hear me fine. But I can't hear them, or even see them open their microphone, (no red lips). Nor can I hear the Audio Wizard say, "This is an example of speaks, an audio compression codex specifically tuned for the reproduction of human speech", in my headset.

The only thing I can hear in my headset is, "Text to Speech", and the mumble sound alerts, (someone left/entered, ect..). HOWEVER, when I change my destination output to my desktop speakers, I can hear everyone and everything from my desktop speakers. The software is only refusing to work with my headset.

I have updated all of my drivers. I have un/reinstalled Mumble several times, in multiple versions. I have tested my XBOX 360 Wireless headset with Bluetooth on several other VOIPS, (Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and AIM), where it worked flawlessly.

Is there anyway to get Mumble to work with this brand/model of headset?

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You could try one of the Mumble snapshots (1.3.0). They are available on the front page of our website, http://www.mumble.info.

They've fixed some bugs with the WASAPI audio system.

If the problem still persists, we ask you to create log file for us. Here's how:

Open Mumble, and use it like you usually would. As if your headset is working.

Talk to yourself or your friends for a few seconds.

Quit Mumble.

Open the file %APPDATA%\Mumble\Console.txt. Find the relevant parts. That is, the session you just had open (you can use the timestamps to determine...).

Once you've found the relevant parts, copy/paste them into a post here in this thread -- or a Pastebin or Gist if you like.

Once we have the log, we should be able to help you further.


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