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Any way to stop mumble from creating a logitech profile?


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When ever you startup mumble it's creating a logitech profile. If i'm in a game it takes over completely and i either have to manually choose the profile on my G13 (is there anyway to manually choose via the software? I've not found a way). Or delete the profile, restart the game i'm playing before i can use the profile.

I've looked online and not seen anyone else have this issue. What's annoying is every time i start mumble (V 1.3) it recreates it so the annoying thing just comes back.

Anyone got any idea on what can be done to prevent this?

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It should be noted that it is Mumble's Gkeys support in 1.3.0 that is creating the profile for you.

If you're not afraid of changing your registry, you can disable Gkeys support in 1.3.0 manually:

Create a string key named "gkey" in HKCU\Software\Mumble\Mumble\shortcuts, set it to "false".

See screenshot below.

If it indeed is the gkey feature that you would like to disable, we will try to figure out an easier way to disable it before 1.3.0 is released. So, please get back to us with your feedback. Thanks!


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