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Mumble and SRV Records


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I could not find a lot of information on this other than some stale pages (like feature request 18 on Source Forge.)

It looks like Mumble does not currently look at SRV records prior to just using the A record in the current 1.2.12 branch, but there is some discussion into using QT 5.X's implementation of it. Looking at the 1.3 snapshots, QT 5 seems to be used though, at least for the Windows version.

Will 1.3 have SRV record support in an upcoming build by chance?

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Hey, hate to bump this up again, but is there any way to backport the planned SRV record handling from 1.3 to a 1.2.X revision? 1.2.17 has pretty much everything I want for nearly all eternity, except SRV record handling.

The main holdup looks like QT 5 versus the 4 version used with 1.2.X which has no SRV record support build in. To my knowledge though, 1.2.X already has a modified QT 4 bundled with it.

Could it be possible to transplant in some of the QT 5 classes that handle SRV records into the QT 4 bundled with Mumble 1.2.X, and then backport the changes that 1.3 has so that 1.2.18 (a future version) still uses QT 4 AND can make use of the SRV records that 1.3 will have?

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We probably won’t waste effort on backporting features unrelated to security. Time is better spent making sure 1.3.0 gets closer to release.


The Xinput features were ported without too much issue to a prior branch, I'd imagine the SRV support would not be much harder.

So far, I'm not necessarily that impressed by 1.3 and adding in SRV record handling would be a great future in the mean time.

If I had enough time, I could probably implement the record handling myself, but that also would require people to download my version (and people can get very finicky when downloading something that is not from the official website.)

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