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[server] Network bandwith caped to 50kb/s (solved)


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I successfully upgraded my murmur server from 1.1.8 to 1.2.2 (on up to date gentoo linux).

Things are ok, we are now discovering and playing with new CELP codec settings client side.

That's how I saw that my server, despite the "bandwith" parameter being set in murmur.ini (bandwidth=100000, which should be 100kb/s in my understandings), is keeping the maximung bandwith per client caped to 50 kb/s.

When connecting with a 1.2.2 windows client, I can read:

Server maximum network bandwidth is only 50 kbit/s. Audio quality auto-adjusted to 35 kbit/s (20ms)


Is it something known?

Btw, Mumble just rocks :)

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Mh, if that’s true (:P) it’s either really a bug or what I can imagine is that your virtual server has the conf-value set at 50k. So you’d have to set the limit via Ice for the specific virtual server. The ini only contains the defaults.

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In fact, you are totally right, I just didn't realized that this could be one of the parameters bound to a particular murmur instance...

Shame on me :)

Ok, then I tried to set "player bandwith" through django-mumble web interface (it's visible but not where I thought it would be) and... ok, it broke my murmur instance, restoration of the murmur sqlite file and restart...

I'll fix my django-mumble setup before going further, but now I have my answer, thank you kissaki :)

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