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Umlaut troubles - ä


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I am starting the mumble client via batch file, to join a specific channel. This channel is named "Schläfer". The call in the *.cmd window looks like this:

D:\winprog\Mumble1.2.12\mumble.exe mumble://xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx:12345/Schlõfer/?version=1.2.12

You can see the problem here, the "ä" looks like some nordish char. The system mumble is running on, is win xp sp3. I tried notepad++, notepad2 and windows notepad (note these notepads :) to edit the cmd file and see if different charsets will help, but neither worked. ANSI, UTF-8 w/wo bom did not work.

I do not know if this is a xp problem or not.

Please help me to join this channel via command line.

Thank you,

a happy mumble user.

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I think you have to change the code page of the console to UTF-8, and might need to enclose the URL in quotes. Try this:


chcp 65001
D:\winprog\Mumble1.2.12\mumble.exe "mumble://xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx:12345/Schläfer/?version=1.2.12"


Edit: You can probably put that in a batch file, but use something like Notepad++ to make sure you don't save it as the wrong encoding - I think it needs to be either UTF-8 or Windows-1252. Also, that article mentions changing the console font from a raster font to a true-type font, but I'm not sure if that's necessary if you don't care how it's displayed, only that it runs correctly.

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Thanks for your help,

but it did not work. Using chcp 65001 lets the batch file quit (I do not see any further echo in the cmd shell after this chcp line), maybe xp does not handle that. Repeating pressing "ä" after chcp 65001 produces different!! chars in a row ... my xp seems to get mad here. Also, after using chcp 1252 in a fresh cmd (what seems to be a natural thing to windows and me), my xp prints that nordish ö when I press "ä" - so I think my xp may be bugged and I should not blame mumble for this, idk :)

Thanks in the meanwhile, I will have to investigate your chcp link further, an umlaut should be no problem for xp.


chatterix :-)

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65001 mightn't be the correct codepage, I really don't know all that much about Unicode... thankfully almost everything I ever need to write can be represented in good ol' ASCII. :lol:

You might start by working out what your keyboard encoding is, and see if Windows has a codepage that's equivalent to that, and trying that out. Are you on a true-type font on your console BTW?

Please don't forget to post a follow-up if you figure it out!

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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code pages are some serious fun.

Tried switching to tt font lucida console, visuals changed, did not help to join channel "Schläfer".

Tried chcp 850 in the cmd file, did not help.

Tried chcp 1252 in the cmd file - this worked. But that seemed to be weird. Notepad++ showed the file as ansi (what looks good to me), file commander, a lovely norton commander clone, said its cp 1252 (this never changed in fc for this cmd file, even if encoding around in notepad++), both editors showed the "ä" char all the time.

The result:

- using "chcp 1252" in the batch file resolves the issue.

- even using "@echo off" and "@chcp 1252" as second line in the batch file produces output, which should be suppressed.

- using the tt font for the cmd window shows the correct "ä" char - and joining "Schläfer" works.

- using the raster font for the cmd window shows my sweet nordish "õ" char - and joining "Schläfer" works.

- in both cmd font cases, mumble client displays and uses a wonderful "ä" char.

- forgot to say that I am on a german keyboard.

So fonts are for visuals but not doing anything, just changing to cp1252 in the batch file was the solution. I am not sure why, because the file seemed to be 1252 already, well according to file commanders editor.

Still a bit confused, but happy - works for me.

Hope someone can participate from my confusion :-)

About File Commander:


Using the development edition, always works, very handy: http://silk.apana.org.au/pub/fcw/fcw250-dev.zip

Edit: remembered to remove the quotes around the mumble.exe call to see what happens. This did not change anything, "chcp 1252" seems to be the winner here.

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