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Positional audio doesn't work in Counter-Strike 1.6


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If you're not averse to getting your hands dirty, we have a Wiki page on hacking positional audio - it's written from the perspective of writing a plugin from scratch. I also have a blog post I wrote about four years ago that deals specifically with updating them, though it's possible it's outdated now.

Note that it specifically mentions CS:S, which has a cvar that makes finding the position easy called cl_showpos 1, if CS1.6 has that then you're probably golden. Just ensure you do not connect to a VAC-enabled server with CheatEngine running. I'm not buying you another Steam account if you get VAC'd, and I wouldn't count on Steam Support removing the ban either. Be sure if you start your own empty server for testing, you don't enable VAC on it.

If you're nervous about that it's understandable if you don't want to have a crack at it. In that case you might try poke one of the devs into taking a look at it - I don't own CS1.6, and I don't really have the time to do it. :(

If you are going to have a go at it and you run into troubles outside the scope of setting up the dev environment and building PAHelper/Mumble/plugins feel free to ping me on IRC and I'll try help update it any way I can (time dependent). I'm terrible at getting a working build environment working on Windows, so I won't be much help with that... others on IRC might though.

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