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Slight static while talking


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Hey all,

I recently setup Mumble on my Linode 512 running Ubuntu 10.04. Last night we used Mumble for the first time (we are looking for a vent alternative). We were all very happy with how Mumble performed except for one issue. Occasionally, when someone would talk there would be a short (half second) static/twing/click in the audio. It is hard to explain what exactly the sound was. It was something that once you heard it, you would hear it every time. Originally we thought that it was only happening to select members, but by the end of the raid it happened to everyone. Every member is using the newest version of Mumble Client, and I have the newest version of Mumble Server on my Ubuntu install. I checked server performance logs last night after the raid, it doesn't look like the server was even breaking a sweat with 10 people in it.

I did some testing after the raid, I had some members test by changing their audio from Balanced to High, it may have helped a bit, but the issue was still definitely occurring.

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