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Windows issue on not hearing audio on channel until ptt pres


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There was some time ago (1y) talks on known bug in Windows version of mumble that it didn't announce itself to server automatically on going to channel and therefore no audio was transmitted until it was first sent one time manually.


I tried to look from the code (haven't tested the new versions yet) but I didn't find out that this would have been fixed.

Is it and if not, would it be possble to have on some snapshot?

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There is a problem where, if you don't transmit any audio, the server will not know whether you intend to use UDP or TCP for the audio stream. Specifically, if you HAVE to use TCP mode -- that is, UDP is unavailable for you to use -- the server will always attempt to use UDP first. This can obviously cause problems, where you will not receive any audio, because the server is transmitting UDP packets of audio to you, yet you won't receive them, because you can't.

The fix for that would be to always send a dummy audio packet of 0 length to the server on connect, to inform it which "mode" you're in.

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Yes, but my question was on query. Has it been fixed for windows?

I think there was for some other OS:es the solution already that mumble automaticly sended the 0 size packet and it was fixed that way.

I have not so far managed to find solution, workaround or fix for this.

I know that this could be fixed in the client and thought that it would be the correct place.

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