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Mumble microphone levels self adjust


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Firstly, since mp3 attachments are not allowed, check the link below for a clip recorded through Mumble. I made a monotone aaa-sound to illustrate what mumble does to my voice.


Now, through listening that clip you will immediately notice the volume dropping after a few seconds of continuous sounds. Please note that I don't have my noise suppression on. Also note, that when recording straight from the mic or ANY other software, this does not happen and the audio levels stay the same.

Now if you listen a bit more carefully it does not just lower the volume, but also cuts all low end audio, making the microphone sound really treble heavy and low volume. This is a clear sign of noise suppression, that activates when it thinks that my voice is just background noise. I must reiterate, that i DO NOT have noise suppression on.

Now for most people this might not be a problem, but for people like me who don't put a lot of emphasis on single words, speaking might sometimes sound a bit monotone by nature. This in turn will trigger this behavior from Mumble basically turning off the mic. Also when using voice activation, it will literally cut off, since your noise gate will never be activated.

Now... What the hell am I supposed to do about this? Mumble isn't a great example of a software that you can modify or actually change a lot of advanced settings in. There are pretty much no choises to be done. Is this a bug? A really fucked up feature? What's up?

Also this has never happened before. I've always only used Mumble and this has only started to happen in the past few months.

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Not in mumble and not in my OS for the best of my knowledge.

I seem to have removed this problem though, by also reducing mumble's amplification to 1.0 also. So now suppression is OFF and amp 1.0. It doesn't seem to happen anymore, but these settings are not the optimal ones to have. Then again I can amplify the mic through other software so that's not a huge deal. I'll report back if this problem occurs again with these settings :)

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