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Overlay grow down only on 1.2.3 snapshots ?


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I actually try the snapshots of Mumble, especially because of a better overlay support on my system than the stable 1.2.2.

There is a small problem. The snapshots get a new overlay system, who is really not bad. But unlike the old overlay system, there is no more way to make it grow UP instead of down. It is down only, or I didn't success to find the option, so I can only set up the red dot to reduce this limitation, as I prefer see it growing up.

Can you tell me where this option is, or if it is leaking, if it will be added in the future ?

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Something that anoys me with the overlayer is that when you select were it should start it shows in 4/3 not 16/10 as i have so even do i put it at top it starts 20% down and a other thing that disturbs me is the name dont come in row under they come as they are on the list in the channel, so if player 26 speak it is at the bottom and if player 12 speak its in midle and so on.

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