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disconnecting and reconnecting


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I've got a problem.

when i use mumble with friends, My mumble keeps disconnecting me and immedeatly reconnecting me, sometimes up to 15 minutes. My friends on mumble do not have this problem.

Nothing besides mumble is disconnecting, everything else connected to the internet just keeps on going.

Here's a little list of everything i've tried so far:

*Updated mumble to latest version

*Uninstalled mumble and installed it again.

* cleaned up my history ,memory and no used files.

*Used different headset and headphones.

*Went into the settings and turned off "Use of Quality"and turned

*updated sound drivers

*restarted the computer

*Unregistered from mumble and registered again.

I emailed to mumble about this problem multiple times, but never got an answer.

Can anyone please help me?


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