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The problem with Murmur


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Hello. I have a problem with the server Murmur. Immediately after starting the server logs begin spam messages of this type " 2010-08-07 01:29:33.215 1 => <73: (-1)> Timeout"

It does not have not any influence on the server. But the logs are created in the file murmur.log and database sqlite. Logs have a very large size, which slows down the server.

How can I fix this? Or how to make a choice only critical messages in the logs?

murmur.log http://rghost.ru/2336334

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The log states those clients/guys connecting and authenticating,

and you can also there are a lot of connections (>15) from different IP ranges in the same second.

So you're probably under the influence of some distributed attack (DDOS).

Are you running any 3rd party scripts or callbacks with murmur?

Just not logging connections would only hide the problem, and you wouldn't see if it worsenes or becomes better/attacks stop.

As a solution you could introduce temporary bans to IPs on logins/timeouts,

or change your servers port.

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