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Mumble created irreversible white sound problem


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So, I have a big problem.

I wanted to make some audio files this morning. Before that I signed into Skype, talked to some people and everything was fine. Then I open OBS to start recording my audio AND I'm chatting with my friend on Mumble. I try to test my OBS recording audio and I start recording our Mumble conversation. The moment I listen to it I'm shocked over the quality of my microphone that was just fine on Skype. There is a HUGE amount of white sound whenever I speak, my friend's voice is fine. So I think that it must be OBS's settings or something, but nothing I can find. I open Audacity for recording and there's that white sound again. At this point I'm giving up on solutions, cause there seems to be none.

I go on my laptop and plug my microphone in. Open Audacity and yay everything's working fine. BECAUSE I didn't know what caused the problem I sign into Mumble to talk to my friend and I'm like okay let's test the sound again. And OH MY GOD everything I mean EVERYTHING AUDIO RELATED ON MY COMPUTER IS MESSED UP BY THIS WHITE SOUND AGAIN. Where have I gone wrong with this? Tried to uninstall absolutely every audiorelated program on my computer, but the problem persist. Please tell me there's a solution to that. When I reinstalled Mumble it told me to close Skype, because it shared some files. And I bet they do because after Mumble recording session my Skype sound was filled with white buzzing sound also. Where does Mumble stash these options or files, that make working with every other audio using program impossible? Please try to explain what has happened to both of my computers. I'm supposed to interview people right now, but I don't want to make them deaf. This is very upsetting.

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I apologize for not getting back to you earlier. In general, we prefer that bug reports be filed on GitHub and not our forums. We tend to be more responsive there. Sorry!


Mumble doesn't touch anything system related, or anything related to other applications. The warnings you saw about closing other applications is one of two things,

1. It could be the Mumble overlay DLL that is injected into some of the applications listed. If you don't use the overlay, you can disable it in the settings dialog.

2. It could be the other programs using the Microsoft Visual C Runtime. Older Mumble installations used something called "merge modules" in its installer. When using this feature, the Windows installer would often require a lot of programs to be shut down before the Microsoft Visual C Runtime could be updated. With more recent releases and the 1.3.x development snapshots, we've remedied this behavior.

So, no. We don't modify anything system-wide that could cause this behavior.

But it could be a side-effect of running Mumble, and a bad interaction with the WASAPI sound system in Windows.

I have a few questions that can hopefully lead us to a solution to your problem:

1. Does this only happen *after* Mumble has been launched for the first time?

2. Does it stop after you quit Mumble?

3. Does it keep happening after you quit Mumble?



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