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[Solved]Can't get overlay to show


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I recently installed a fresh version of Windows 10 on my computer. After getting all my games and stuff loaded and mumble setup I find I have no Overlay. All the games I used to have it show on no longer display.

I am running as Admin Mode, I Whitelisted the things, and have the EXACT same settings for the overlay and games that another computer (with working overlay) has.

Looking at the console I see:


<W>2016-02-06 11:06:42.163 OverlayPrivateWin: overlay helper process 'C:\Program Files\Mumble\Versions\1.3.0~941~gcffa565~snapshot/mumble_ol_helper.exe' started with PID 24252.
<W>2016-02-06 11:06:42.168 OverlayPrivateWin: overlay helper process 'C:\Program Files\Mumble\Versions\1.3.0~941~gcffa565~snapshot/mumble_ol_helper_x64.exe' started with PID 24300.


Which leads me to believe that the overlay is starting....I just don't see it...

Any ideas? or things I may have missed?


Solved this! Apparently what I was missing was running the programs in admin mode as well

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