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Unable to connect to my Server from local computers


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I have a Mumble server I host on a laptop running ubuntu for about 2 weeks now with no issues. I am currently on a windows 8.1. I tried to connect to my server recently and I get "Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection" No computer local can connected to the server, however outside users can connect just fine.


  • Reinstalling mumble

    tried connecting with wife's computer, did not work

    tried connecting with laptop that is hosting the mumble server, did not work.

    restarting both machines

    restarting the server

    Reinstalling the server

    Changing my name.

    Checked to see if my IP was banned(wasn't)

    Checked for bugged Skype Certs(I didn't find any)

    Unregistered my name.

    Exempting Mumble on my AVG firewall and Windows firewawlll.

    Un-checking Use Quality of Service

    Throwing my Keyboard

    Tried to connect from Laptop instead as SuperUser, no Dice.

    Tired switching from wlan to lan.


I tired switch from wlan to lan, which worked for about 2 hours. After setting server options I was no longer able to connect again.Figuring i missed something up, I changed everything back to default. No dice.

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What operating system are your client using? Windows?

Try connecting a smartphone or tablet onto the LAN and connecting with a mobile Mumble client. Does that work?

I want to assume its the firewall, but you did mention you checked that. Perhaps you have Windows looking at your LAN as a public network.

Can you ping the LAN IP of your server?

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After Playing around for a bit, I figured out that i was having an issue with my router. I had to disable some features to make port forwarding work properly. Afterwards I figured out that i need to have both my router firewall off and my laptop that is running the server firewall off. Afterwards the mumble server works just fine. I don't really like the idea of having my firewall off though. Back to google!

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Yeah man, having your firewall disabled or a DMZ enabled isn't the greatest solution in the long run. Maybe if you get a nice long Sunday you can troubleshoot it a bit deeper. At least you've narrowed it down to your router. Strange that the ports would be open to clients over the internet but preventing LAN clients from accessing the same service over the network.

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