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Unknown Speex_Preprocessor_ctl error


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Running Mumble on Raspberry Pi with terminal window so I see all the console message. I get this error with the number 25 or 36 repeated about every second or so. I hate just ignoring errors. I built mumble from source using the instructions given in the Mumble docs.

What, if anything, is wrong?


Here from the beginning.

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There should be no problem using the floating point mode of SpeexDSP on Raspberry Pi -- except for the fact that the Raspbian pre-built version is built without it.

You should be able to build it from source with ./configure --enable-float (I believe that's what the configure option is called -- maybe something else, check the --help!)

Alternatively, you can build Mumble with qmake -recursive main.pro CONFIG+="release bundled-speex bundled-celt bundled-opus" to skip the system's Speex/CELT/Opus libraries!

If you encounter any problems, feel free to follow up. Someone will probably be able to help you.

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