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Hi there

I'm trying to get MumPi to run on my windows 10 computer with murmur running

I'm getting stuck at the point of converting the Ice file to work with PHP

(I have no idea about PHP btw, only very basic HTML knowledge)

I have installed Ice and have apache running fine I just get the error

"It seems your PHP configuration is not running with the Ice extension.

Please set up your PHP to load the Ice extension.

Ice is the middleware between Murmur and PHP/the Interface, allowing PHP to call Murmur functions. Thus, this is necessary.

For introductions on how to set it up, see mumble.sf.net/Ice."

When I follow the guide it just makes absolutely no sense to me.

I basically want to have this mumble server showing on the side of a website either embedded via HTML or by using the script provided on wowlaunch/gamerlaunch/guildlauch

If anyone help me out at all it would be greatly appreciated



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