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Untrusted, Self-Signed Certificate?


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Hi mumble users... I'm having an interesting problem that I haven't had even since I downloaded it. I restarted my laptop because youtube was having problems.


When I came back, mumble was reset. The two servers that I had on my list were no longer there.

I tried to connect, but this error message came up:

I don't know why, because I haven't had this error ever before.

I've three certificates.

Two made the day I downloaded, the first called "MumbleCertificate" and the other called "MumbleAutomaticCertificateBackup".

The third I made today, to try to see if it'd work, but it doesn't. I named it "Certificate".

I searched my error message online and I found a separate forum post relative to it:

I saw that it helped the person who was asking, although it didn't help me. I press Win+R and typed %appdata%\Mumble and found mumble.sqlite and tried to move it, but it came up with yet another error message:

Every time I try to connect the same error:

continues to appear.

I would really appreciate some feedback. I really love the server, I talk to a lot of great friends on it, but I feel really lonely without being able to connect.

Also, I can't get the public servers to stay clear forever. I also can't get the server I add to stay there.

I don't want to give the server information out because I am not supposed to, but if it is absolutely necessary for the problem to be solved I will give it.

I hope you can fix this! I really... really... need help. Thanks!

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Mumble needs to not be running when you try to rename the sqlite database. It definitely looks like your database is corrupt, renaming it should fix it once you can do this.

If you can't just move it once you close Mumble, try restarting your PC and renaming it before you start Mumble. If it's still in use, I've absolutely no idea what to tell you as that would be a very weird scenario!

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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