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audiodg.exe CPU-usage reaches up to 30% if Mumble is active


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everytime my Mumble is running(latest stable or snapshot release), the audiodg.exe process is using, most of the time, 20% of the CPU-time and reaches up to 30% at peak.

Is this normal?

Im using Windows 7 Professional x64 with an Intel E8200 processor and the PCI Express soundcard Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series.

Do just I have this problem or is this a known bug?

Thanks in advance!



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AudioDG is the general-purpose bin for all audio processing in Windows Vista and 7, and it runs external code supplied by the hardware vendor to do effects, filtering, etc. so it's entirely possible that you're experiencing a driver issue. (Not to be overly negative, but you are using a Creative card… ;))

Maybe this can help you: http://technicallyeasy.net/2009/03/fix-audiodgexe-high-cpu-usage/

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Thank you for the explanation!

I tried the tip from your link and disabled the "sound blaster-enhancements".

Now the CPU usage of audiodg is around 10%, but i mean why should the cpu process the audio effects, when I have a super powerful sound card, to do it?!

Anyway Creative pisses me off for a while now and I'm thinking about testing an Asus Xonar. What do you think about it?

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