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Does Mumble client go idle after 24 hours?


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When I leave the Mumble client connected to my server for approximately 24 hours, the Mumble client stops working and I have to restart it to get it to work.

Basic scenario is that I connect to the same server that this Mumble client is connected to, and my Mumble client application cannot talk to the Mumble client that has been connected for approx. 24 hours. I restart the Mumble client that has been on for approx. 24 hours, and when it comes back up I can communicate to it through my other Mumble client.

Note that the Mumble client that is on for approx. 24 hours does not transmit, and is configured for PTT. I'm using it for audio output only.

Again, this occurs at approximately the same time everyday, and usually around 24 hours after the last restart.

Is this an option that can be disabled, so that this Mumble client stays active constantly?

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I don't know of anything in Mumble's code that would cause this - I would think the most likely culprit is a router/firewall state expiring with such a long connection.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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"...I would think the most likely culprit is a router/firewall state expiring with such a long connection."

This is starting to make sense now because initially this wasn't happening. The client has been in operation starting 6 weeks, with this particular problem starting approx. 2.5 weeks ago. I first thought that it might be a host server issue, in that maybe my host provider might be knocking the Mumble client out for being connected so long/idle. They confirmed that they were not, but did suggest that I reboot the Mumble client once daily anyway, something that I am in the process of automating.

The router/firewall in this network are being handled by a 3rd party vendor, so I will be contacting them next. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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