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How to login as normal user not SuperUser?


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Hi I have a weird problem. I registered my mumble client with the secure ssl email certificate and when I connect to my mumble server I connect as SuperUser with my name (tripaz). I can check by trying to unmute myself, but it says 'Denied: cannot modify SuperUser'.

All fine I should login as a normal user then, but I do not know how. If i change my name it makes no difference I am still SuperUser. The only way I can login to the server as a user without any privileges is to create a new certificate and import that. But then I have zero power on my server. I can not even register myself, can not switch channels etc.

Any idea how to solve this? I uninstalled mumble and resinstalled, but the same thing happens.

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I kind of got it working. I gave a friend admin powers then changed the certificate to a self generated one, logged in and let him make me admin. Now at least I have admin powers, but I think its a bit weird and cumbersome, that in order to login as SuperUser again I will have to switch certificates ('import the superuser cert/normal user cert').

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I don't even understand how this could have happened - I was pretty sure superuser explicitly ignores certificates.

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Yeah, superuser should ignore certificates.

How did you register your certificate (as a user)?

Feel free to check the server sqlite DB yourself, if the superuser has a certificate associated to it (which it should not).

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