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Mumble not joining to most servers.


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Hey, I've been using mumble for a while now for a game I play and this week it stopped connecting to the server for the game (Tagpro), when I open mumble it doesn't show the ping and the number of players like it used to, and when I try to connect to the server it opens a blank mumble page and disconnects after a minute and gives me this message "mumble failed to retrieve version information from the central server" , I tried to connect to the public servers and it only could connect to 5 servers out of the whole list, some of these servers were using the same port as the server which I can't connect to for my game (64738).

I also cannot open the site "Mumble.info" , I can't access this forum unless I use a VPN which also allows me to connect to all mumble servers (but produces lag in the game), I've tried connecting on different computers and Installed many versions of mumble, I also tried connecting from a different house which uses the same ISP and strangely it also didn't work, I contacted my ISP but they told me nothing was blocked from their side, I've also tried connecting with a proxy which didn't work, only the VPN allows me to connect, I have no idea what to do at this point and I don't know where the source of the problem is, hope someone can help me. :) :?:

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