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Mumble crashes Guild Wars 2 launcher


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Whenever I have Mumble and the Guild Wars 2 launcher open at the same time, the GW2 launcher instantly crashes, giving me the error "Exception: c0000005" which I have since discovered that this is an out of memory error, which is odd because even with both running I still have 3 gigs of memory left. If I open the actual game (going past the launcher) it works fine with Mumble, but this prevents me from using Mumble's overlay, which is a big issue. I have this issue on both the Windows stable version and snapshot version.

I've tried various things that GW2 support recommended, such as repairing the installer or doing a clean boot, but none of them worked. If you guys have any ideas i'd greatly appreciate it.

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I tried it on both 1.3.0 snapshot and 1.2.15, neither fixed the issue.

I suspect that the issue is on Guild Wars' end, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask around here to see if anyone had any ideas.

Although, since I made that post the error has changed into a different one, saying that it is unable to initialize 3d output and asking me to verify if I have Directx 9 installed (I have Directx 11), so i'm planning on looking into that. If you have any ideas, i'd be happy to hear them.

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