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Mouse lag and PTT not working after opening Mumble.


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I just recently built a new computer and have been having this issue since I first installed mumble.

When I open mumble my mouse sensitivity will slow down to a crawl and look a little bit laggy. This lasts a few seconds and then the pointer will kind of warp across another part of the screen.

Then after joining a server my PTT button will not work for about 30 seconds then all of a sudden it will start working again. Sometimes after using mumble for a couple hours the PTT will break again for no reason. closing and reopening does nothing it just seems to start working again on its own. (usually a minute or two later).

I have tried Windows 7 and 10 and I have used 3 different versions of mumble (old and new) and the problem still persists. tried running as admin.....nothing. I also noticed mumbles priority is set on High when I open it so I tried setting it to normal but again it did not help.

Here is a video I found on youtube of the same exact thing that happens to me when I open mumble.

Hoping someone can help me cause this issue is driving me crazy.

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