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Mumble overlay causing game to crash


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Hi, a while ago my friend posted a topic for me cause I was on a vpn and my ip was banned on it but I'm no longer using a vpn. Anyway he got no help and I was wondering if I could get this issue solved, it's been happening for months now.

Whenever I have Mumble overlay enabled, I cannot tab out of games or they will crash and not be able to open till I force close the .exe here is a screenshot of what happens when I tab out of the game. Someone in the previous thread my friend posted mentioned a windowed mode, but that won't solve anything as it will still crash when I tab out. I've never seen this issue before and everyone else I know doesn't crash when they use the same version of mumble as me, on the same games.


Intel i5 4590 @ 3.3 ghz

EVGA Geforce GTX 970 SC 4GB

8gb cruicial ram 1600

Asus h81m-plus motherboard

Windows 10 x64 15111 Professional

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