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Running 2 accounts from 1 mumble install?

War Daddy

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I'm trying to set up a 2nd user to be able to log in on a windows pc when the 1st user is logged in somewhere else. It might be best to describe the scenario...

I have set up a MineCraft server for my son and his cousins to play on (no problems there) and about 1 year ago I set up a mumble server for them to use as well. I didn't have any problems setting it up at that time as well, everything has been running perfectly.

About November 2015, I set up a new PC for my son to play on that is at his grandmother's house - again, everything working just fine for when he logs into mumble there.

The issue is that I'm trying to create a login for myself on our home PC for me to log into while my son is at his grandmother's house, and that is where I am having the issues. I basically cannot create a new user for myself or get my son to hear me as a SuperUser. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As a side note, I have lost all my notes on everything I have done to set everything up, and I have been slowly relearning as much as I can. Also, since November 2015, I have been recovering from surgery / radiation / chemo and only now am I "out of the fog" that all of that can put you through. So I am sorry if the solution is really simple, but I'm just starting to get my brain working the right way again while working on this solution...

- War Daddy

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I'm going to assume that the reason for different usernames is so that friends/cousins can identify whether it's you or him, and that he's using the same Mumble account and grandma's? Because if you don't care about the usernames you use, just make him a *different* username at his grandma's then use his home one when you want to listen in, that's probably the easiest way.

If you have some sort of a script on the server where you can set a password, you can probably create a shortcut to mumble's executable with the -n flag and a Mumble URL containing your username and password, and the server info. The shortcut could look like this:

c:\progra~2\mumble\mumble.exe -n mumble://username:password@server:port/

I'm not sure whether that'll do the trick or not.

Failing that, you might be able to set up a "portable mumble". We don't appear to have a Wiki page describing it, but as I understand it an empty .ini file in the same directory as the Mumble executable is enough to cause it to store settings locally instead of the user's home directory. So copy all of the Mumble program directory somewhere your user can write to, create an empty .ini file in it and see what happens.

If it still connects under his name, back up his certificate using the certificate wizard, then on the portable one see if creating a new certificate overwrites the setting in the non-portable one. I don't really know much about the portable thing as my family typically uses one Mumble account per machine (and on common machines we have separate windows user accounts so there's no conflicts).

I do know that the favourites/friends/etc are all stored in the sqlite database, which an empty mumble.ini in the executable directory will cause to move, I'm just not sure about the certificate data.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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