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How to setup channels in this format?


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Hello, we have a group and we're all playing a game but we were wondering how can we setup the channels so that specific buttons talks to specific people. I made a picture visualizing what I'm trying to do.


Basically I want there to be a command channel where leader figures can all talk to eachother but the squads (including leaders) can talk to each other as well with the leader always hearing what everyone is saying.

I tried playing around with linking channels but so far it seems like everyone hears everyone.

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You need to link the channels then make creative use of the "in" and "out" groups to prevent users from hearing others from the linked channels, unless they're in the group for squad leaders.

For example make four channels:

* Command

* Squad A

* Squad B

* Squad C

Put the commander and the three squad leaders in a group, commander joins the command channel by themselves, other squads join the appropriate group. Link the channels to each other so it's one big channel, then the following rules in this order should do the trick: @out deny speak, then @commandgroup allow speak.

I haven't tested it and it's late, but that should at least get you moving in the right direction. You might be able to do it without groups using a tree of channels and the @sub group, but @sub is voodoo to me these days. :(

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