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Help with ruby callbacks (Ice & Murmur)


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I'm somewhat new at coding but my goal is to let ruby do some stuff when something specific happens on the server (e.g. a user joined)

I could query all users every x seconds like


but i would rather use callbacks (like this).

For simplicity I tried to get the meta callback working (server starts/stops) but I even failed that 'simple' task. :(

I mostly used this python code as guidance but I can't seem to 'translate' the following code to ruby:


class MetaCallbackI(Murmur.MetaCallback):
   def started(self, s, current=None):
       print "started"

   def stopped(self, s, current=None):
       print "stopped"

adapter = ice.createObjectAdapterWithEndpoints("Callback.Client", "tcp -h")
metaR = Murmur.MetaCallbackPrx.uncheckedCast(adapter.addWithUUID(MetaCallbackI()))


I googled a lot the past week but I'm at my wit's end at how to implement even the adapter. :|

Any help on how to do it in ruby would be greatly appreciated. :)

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